Voice Broadcasting (IVR & VOIP)

Keep your customers informed in real-time by using IVR Tech’s self-service outbound text and voice broadcasting software platform. Our text and call blast solutions enable you to manage subscriber cell phone numbers, opt-out requests and other campaign specifics, such as delivery dates and times. The platform also helps you stay in compliance with the latest industry standards and regulations. Need to add text messaging to your existing software or want to integrate it within a part of your already established internal automated business process? We also provide APIs and custom integration support to help you.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Common Uses of Text & Voice Broadcasting Services


Emergency Alerts
Notification Calls
Appointment Reminders
Lead Generation
Past Due Balance Notifications
Interactive Poils & Surveys
Post Appointment Assessment Calls
Event Promotion
Order Status Updates


Key Benefits of our Voice Broadcasting Software Platform

Complete Control to Schedule and Manage Broadcasts

Our self-service voice broadcast technology enables you to schedule call windows, determine how quickly to send out calls and pause calling campaigns.

High Capacity and Enterprise Grade Reliability

 Send out multiple calls simultaneously using our call blast solution. Need to send out more calls? Let us know a few weeks in advance and we can reserve additional ports for your use.

Schedule Call Delivery

Deliver your campaign whenever you want. With our text blast and voice broadcasting software, you’re able to set your own delivery times and dates so you can guarantee your message is delivered at an effective moment. You’ll have the option to run your campaigns over multiple days or at different times throughout one day.

Powerful Call List Management

Manage all your contacts in one place by uploading them into our secure system. You’ll be able to access and make changes to your data at any time, so you can make sure it remains up to date and accurate.

Record Calls

Reduce liability, facilitate sales training and improve quality control efforts by recording all of your phone calls. We have customizable recording options that will allow you to record all your calls or certain types of your calls.

Advanced IVR functionality

Send a memorable message that grabs the attention of your recipients by delivering more than a standard, pre-recorded message. By combining IVR Tech’s text blast and voice broadcast software with our outbound IVR technology, you can create an interactive calling campaign. For instance, you can call out and run a survey or allow the called person to transfer to the closest agent geographically.

Deliver Effective Messaging

Detect when an answering machine or a person answers the call and deliver a specific message based on the recipient. This will increase the effectiveness of your messaging as well as the likelihood that your message is received.

Exhaustive Call Reports

View and analyze call activity reports in real time, gather information like the number of calls received, number of people transferred to an agent and the responses from those called. Use this information to keep your text blasts and voice broadcasts on track while monitoring their effectiveness.

Intelligent Redialing

Multiple attempts are made after a busy signal is received or a call is not picked up.

Automated Interactive Opt-Out Mechanism

Voice Broadcasting comes with tools that provide you with an option to include an opt-out message in your broadcasts, helping you to comply with the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule.

API Integration With Your Applications

Make outbound calls based on trigger events in your software. Once programmed, calls can be queued and delivered without any human intervention.