Mobile Marketing

Short codes (also known as short numbers) are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones or fixed phones. Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services.

Benefits of Shortcode & Longcode

With Mobile Marketing becoming more mainstream I thought it might be a good idea to define some of the basic terms used in the mobile marketing industry.

  • SMS (Short Message Service)– A standard for telephony messaging systems that allow sending messages between mobile devices that consist of short messages, normally with text only content. (Text Message)
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones.
  • Common Shortcode (Shortcode)– Short numeric numbers (typically 4-6 digits) to which text messages can be sent from a mobile phone. Wireless subscribers send text messages to common short codes with relevant keywords to access a wide variety of mobile content.
  • Keyword– A word or name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short Code Service.

These are some of the basic terms used in SMS marketing.  Even with the definition of shortcode most people still want further explanation in how it all works together.

I try to explain it in terms of the Internet and domain names.  Think of a Shortcode as similar to a domain name and a Keyword similar to a page.  When you want the news you might go to the crime (Keyword) page of (Shortcode).

Or… even better, when you want to subscribe via email to the Marketing Technology Blog, text Marketing (Keyword) to 54242,56677,56767,54545,57333,53030,56161 etc . Try it out… that’s a text to subscribe integration between our SMS service and SMS Center

Text messaging can also be utilized to donate/pay money or to pass a link for the mobile user to view a website, open an application, or watch a video on their mobile device.

What is SMS Marketing

Platforms like Connective Mobile allow marketers to distribute a keyword and shortcode for users to subscribe to text messages. Because text messaging is so intrusive, most providers require a double opt-in methodology. That is, you text the keyword to the short code, then you get a request back asking you to opt in with a notice that the messages could incur charges depending on your provider. The subscription platforms typically allow you to schedule text messages and view reporting on campaign effectiveness

Short Code Services In India List

What Are Short Codes?

Short codes are mobile numbers that are significantly shorter than regular mobile numbers (usually 10 digits) which are used for SMS, MMS and Interactive Voice Services. The idea behind short codes is to make them easy to remember. For example: Indiatimes has the short code 5-8888 in India, while Star India has 5-7825 (i.e. 5-STAR on a keypad). Messages sent to a short code can be toll free or – in most cases – more expensive than a regular SMS.

Short codes are used for buying content, interacting with a help menu, voting on TV programmes, listening to mobile radio, and a host of other services. Telecom operators, VAS service providers and TV channels use Short Codes for generating revenue.

Short Code Services In India

Short codes are owned by mobile operators, and those listed below have merely licensed the code from each operator. Which means, an operator can choose not to allow a short code to function on its network by simply not renewing the annual license.


51315 – Wisync Technologies
51515 – AOL Mobile
51516 – AOL Mobile
52121 – Future Telecom
52272 – Mobile2Win India
52424 – Living Media / Aaj Tak / India Today
52455 – Activemedia
52525 – Sony Entertainment Television
52580 – Verity Marketing
52622 – Television Eighteen
52626 – Nei Technologies
52727 – Elation Softnet
52742 – Cricinfo / Cricinfi India
52919 – Radio Indigo / Indigo Mass Communications
53003 – Cellcast / BID2WIN
53030 – One97 / Positive Comsol
53040 – Mumbai Traffic Police
53131 – Unisys Info
53366 – Onyx Mobile
53434 –
53456 – Mobile Teleshoppe
53536 – ACube Promotion
53636 – Activemedia
53650 – Mid Day
53776 – ESPN
53999 – A & M Communications (JustDial?)

53999 – Just Dial
54242 – Hindustan Times
54321 – Sakal Papers
54545 – Sify
54555 – TechShastra
54567 – DNA Networks
54646 – Hungama / Virtual Marketing
54664 – Google
54684 – Netxcell
54767 – Nano Wicore Labs
54848 – Deccan Herald
54959 – Net 4 Nuts
54999 – Tanla Solutions
55040 – J Four Source
55050 – Bharat Matrimony
55352 – Voicegate Technology
55435 – IndiaGames
55454 – BIG FM 92.7
55555 – Nokia India
55599 – Mkhoj
55627 – Inter Solutions
55678 – Handygo
55858 – SUN TV Ltd
56006 – WIFI Network
56060 – Techzone / 6060
56070 – ValueFirst
56161 – Air2Web India
56262 – Air2Web India
56263 – IMI Mobile
56300 – Cellebrum
56363 – Nazara Technology
56365 – Sybase 365
56388 – NDTV (Lifetree)
56397 – Hindu Publications
56545 – Suvidha
56555 – Orkut
56566 – Pyro Mobile
56569 – Anand Bazar Patrika
56633 – Tata Sky
56636 – ADCC Research & Computing Center
56644 – Cellcast / (Bid2Win)
56677 – Cellnext Solutions
56767 – ACL Wireless
5676744 – All India Radio
56776 – Malayala Manorama
56858 – Flight Raja / Via
56882 – MTV
56886 – Ebay (Lifetree)
56969 – Rajasthan Patrika
57007 – Mauj / People Infocomm
57070 – Verseas Marketing
57245 – IRCTC Ltd.
57272 – J9 Mobile / Jagran Prakashan
57333 – India
57337 – MAA Television
57474 – MSN
57575 – Cornershop Entertainment (ZeeTV & PLAY TV)
57777 – Symbiotic
57827 – STAR India
57886 –
58243 – Yahoo Web Services
58558 – Mobile2Win
58888 – Times Internet Ltd (Indiatimes)
58989 – Four Interactive / AskLaila
58990 – Neo Sports
59595 – GoBindas
59898 – MPOWER
59994 – blowurmind
59995 – UTV

Alphanumeric Short Codes

As per TRAI guidelines, SMS’s are sent according to the following alphanumeric format: XY-SenderName, where X refers to the service provider and Y refers to the service area.

If you receive an SMS from AD-MEDIANAMA, that means that the SMS has been sent by MEDIANAMA, originating on ’s network, from the Delhi service area. The codes mandated by TRAI are as follows:

Service Provider Codes (X):

A: Bharti and Bharti Hexacom
C: Datacom
D: Aircel and Dishnet Wireless
E: Reliance Telecom
I: Idea Cellular, Aditya Birla Telecom
L: Loop Telecom and BPL
P: Spice Communications
R: Reliance Communications
S: S. Tel Ltd
T: Tata Teleservices, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra
U: Unitech Group of Companies (Telenor)
V: Vodafone Group of Companies
W: Swan Telecom
Y: Shyam Telecom
Service Area Codes (Y)
A: Andhra Pradesh
B: Bihar
D: Delhi
E: UP (East)
G: Gujarat
H: Haryana
I: Himachal Pradesh
J: Jammu & Kashmir
K: Kolkata
L: Kerala
M: Mumbai
N: North East
O: Orissa
P: Punjab
R: Rajasthan
S: Assam
T: Tamil Nadu, including Chennai
V: West Bengal
W: UP (West)
X: Karnataka
Y: Madhya Pradesh
Z: Maharashtra