Web to Mobile SMS Alert for abantecart plugin

How to used Extensions

wtmsms SMS Configuration

With wtmsms SMS service you can enable AbanteCart to send SMS notifications to administrators and customers. SMS can be sent to admin in event of new orders, low stock and some other events. Storefront customers can get SMS with order updates, specials and other events.
Notifications are managed in admin profile or in customer profile

1. To use this extension, you need to have active wtmsms account.
If you do not have wtmsms account, please follow this link to create an account

2. Fill in required fields (API Username/Password ) with information provided by wtmsms.

3. Select wtmsms as SMS provider in System -> Settings -> IM.

Now wtmsms can be used in admin and storefront to send notifications.

Access wtmsms


2) Buy SMS Package

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email us : support@airtelsms.com