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BulkSMS provides several products for sending and receiving SMS messages. Once registered on the BulkSMS platform, a user has access to all of them. Click on any link below to get more information on what product would best suit you.


» Send SMS text messages from the Web Applications / Portal » Send bulk SMS text messages from your iPhone / Android
» Send SMS text messages using desktop / PC software » Two Way incoming SMS text messages
» Send SMS text messages using our SMS Gateway API (HTTP /XML)  


Send SMS text messages from the Above Platform

enables you to access your online account from any internet connected Web browser. Create, manage and send your two-way SMS communications to predetermined distribution groups or individuals.

Key Features of the BulkSMS Web to SMS platform


» Create and manage your online distribution groups
» Personalise your Sender IDs

When using the BulkSMS platform to send SMS messages, you can personalise your own sender ID.( as per as TRAI 6 Digit Alpha Word Allow for Sender IDs) This means that you can choose who, or where you want the SMS message to come from. The SMS message will not come from a number, but from, for example, your company name.Please note that should you choose to send SMS messages with a Sender ID, the recipients will not be able to respond to these messages.


» Reseller SMS credits

BulkSMS has designed the Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes.

» Transfer SMS credits to another BulkSMS account

The ability to transfer SMS credits from one BulkSMS account to another gives the sponsoring account holder control of credit purchases and is typically used in a reseller environment, but could also be used within an enterprise environment or where a company has an enterprise development relationship with another firm.When transferring SMS credits, you can have various accounts transferring credits to a single account, or you can have one account transferring credits out to various accounts. The account holder transferring the SMS credits does so on an ad-hoc basis, or as the ‘customer’ (the second account holder) requests.

» Send SMS messages from your SMS Portal
» Send SMS messages from your mobile to a predefined group

Mobile to Group gives you the ability to send an SMS message from your mobile phone to a group of previously uploaded contacts when you are away from your computer.You simply send an SMS message which will include the BulkSMS group ID to a relevant long number. Our SMS system will then redirect your message to your predetermined contact group.

» Get notified when your SMS credit level drops below a predetermined point

BulkSMS can send you an email, SMS or both when your available SMS credits drop below a certain level. This means that you will be reminded to top up your SMS credits before you run out.

» Receive Daily delivery reports (Excel and HTML Formats)
» Live Deliver URL

» Unicode SMS messaging

With BulkSMS you can send non-English characters in your SMS message. This means that you do not have to send your SMS messages in English.

The character length for your unicode message is much shorter than your typical SMS length of 160 characters. A unicode message will be at most 70 characters per SMS message.


» Schedule your SMS message to be sent at a future date and time

This feature is perfect for when you know you will not be at your desk when an SMS message needs to go out. You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time - up to a year into the future.It can be used to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event. It can be used to tell customers about a one day only special. You can even schedule SMS messages to go out to yourself, to remind you of any events, meetings or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day.

» Personalise your SMS messages

Personalising your messages allows you to send bulk SMS text messages with unique information for each contact in your database.

You can create a single personalised message to all of your contacts by selecting relevant customisable information. This means that you can add the recipients first name, surname, account number, meeting time, race number etc to the same message and the information relevant to that recipient will be inserted into the message.For example: At a sporting event, the race organisers may need to send relevant information to all participants, but they need to personalise it according to race type, category and start time.


» View and download SMS message delivery reports
» View and download incoming SMS messages
» View and download invoices
» Create and manage SMS templates
» Send Long SMS messages (up to 2500 characters)

While a typical SMS message is only 160 characters long, BulkSMS does allow you to send a single SMS text message consisting of up to no of SMS parts in one send; this means that you can send a message of up to 2500 characters.